Home Inspection Pricing:

valid for 2017

Home Inspections by a Licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector

base price$0.16 per ft²
minimum base charge$269.00 (1681ft²)
discount % (cash or check at inspection)
minimum discount $20 - maximum discount 18%
ft² x .0000462 x base charge
outbuildingdadd $0.10 per ft²
over 30 years oldadd $29
over 50 years oldadd $49
over 70 years oldadd $69
additional heat and air conditioning units $29.00 each
crawlspace (pier and beam) add $29.00
additional dwellings $59.00 ea
reinspections 1/3 of original insp. $125 minimum
mileage (per mile one way)$0.55 (20 – 50 miles)
measured from$0.85 (51 – 100 miles)
(Babcock & DeZavala Roads)$1.15 (101 – 150 miles)
29.55718N, 98.61501W$1.50 (151+ miles)
septic systems not inspected*
wells not inspected*
pools or spas not inspected*

total area includes attached decks and garages
all utilities must be turned on for the inspection
all areas of the home must be fully accessible
all pets must be contained
fees are based on a single property visit & due at or before the time of the inspection

* due to the health and safety issues associated with these systems, we recommend inspections by professionals in the respective fields

Method of Payment

Check (checks drawn on Compass Bank subject to a $3.00 service fee)
Visa or Mastercard thru PayPal

Payment in full required before report is released.